Where Did Our Time Go?
Where Should Our Time Go?
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Crisply tells your team where effort goes using machine learning.

Crisply provides data and analytics to determine the optimal way for team resources to be allocated.
This gives teams a revolutionary tool to help them focus on what matters most.
Using Crisply leads to increased sales and customer retention at warp speed.
How it works
Crisply converts data in Salesforce and human activity work events into an accurate, actionable picture of how the team is executing.
Quantified Work Engine
Our machine learning and predictive algorithms continually computes analytics and updates an execution dashboard that helps each professional and management team move the needle.
Crisply Dashboard
Data Warehouse
Our Team

Ross Kudwitt


Board Member at Patron Technology.

CEO at Nine Summer, CTO/CIO at Timex, New York Public Library, Advanta, GFI Group, TrivialPursuit.com and Auctions.com

Adam Marcus

Chief Scientist

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at Yale University.

Co-inventor of the field of combinatorial linear algebra.

PhD in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization at Georgia Tech.

Adam Ferrari


CTO and member of the founding technical team at Endeca, acquired by Oracle.

PhD in Computer Science from University of Virginia.

Greg Fell

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Information Officer at Terex Corporation (NYSE: TEX).

20+ years in the Automotive Industry with emphasis on Engineering and Manufacturing Systems.

Author of Decoding the IT Value Problem.

President of Fairfield/Westchester Society of Information Managers (FWSIM)

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